I’m often asked questions about this project. Why shouldn’t I be? It’s not everyday a high school student tries to see all of Texas before he graduates. I understand that. So, I welcome any and all questions, comments, and concerns the public has about this feat. Here are some of the most popular:


Q. What’s your favorite courthouse?

A. That’s a loaded question. There’s many, many angles to interpret it in. The most important thing to know before I can answer it is the criterion you’re asking for? Namely, do you mean: most beautiful, most unique, most fascinating, most captivating to visit…etc. ?

But it tends to be people don’t think that far into it. So, here’s my list.


Q. When did you start this project? How old were you? 

A. The project officially began on September 2, 2010. I was eleven years old, and in the sixth grade. I didn’t actively consider the idea of visiting all Texas counties until December 29 of that same year, when I was on a road trip to Montgomery County and happened to pass through the Marlin square in Falls County. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, I had my picture taken at that courthouse, and from there it was on. My first “official” courthouse day trip was on January 3, 2011. I was twelve years old. My first overnight courthouse trip began on August 12, 2013. At that point, I was fourteen.


Q. How long it take you to visit every county? 

A. Approximately six years. I set foot in my 254th County on August 16, 2016. That was Lubbock County.





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