A Long-Necessary Update

Well hi everyone. It’s been a while.

In response to some recent new traffic to my social media platforms, I thought I’d take the time to keep you (and anyone new) in the loop of what’s been going on here.

No, this website isn’t “dead”, it’s just hibernating.

I’m getting ready to end my sophomore year at college. It’s hard to believe that I started this project in sixth grade and that we’re coming up onĀ nineĀ years since I first visited the old Dallas County Courthouse, but time flies. It really, really does.

In my misguided attempts to make this site and this project as perfect as it possibly could have ever been, I think I lost myself in the details. And in the enormity of professionalizing and perfecting 254 distinct courthouse pages, I blinked. I stood down. I retreated. I went silent.

I’ve never wanted to give up. And I haven’t. I did finish my courthouse travels (we’re coming up on there years since I set foot in my last county (Lubbock County)), but this site is far from complete.

Please now, I still want to make it complete and someday I intend to realize that goal. I have high hopes to make some progress in any down-time this academic summer.

In the meantime, if you’re new here, please enjoy the content that is available. There’s more to come (eventually).







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