Still Getting There

At the end of January, I wrote an update on my progress with the condition of this website. Since, as I sit here, February is drawing to a close, I thought I might do another.

If you’ll recall, I made it sort of a personal commitment to get this site together after all these years. I guess it was a New Years Resolution, if you want to call it that, but more importantly for me, I’m on the downhill slope of my senior year in high school: and it was time I do this place some justice.

The problem that presented itself to me when I began this effort last month was that I was, on many fronts, starting from scratch. Up to that point, I’d created maybe one hundred odd courthouse pages in my time. All of them were created at different times in my life, and in separate years of this project. As such, there was absolutely no degree of uniformity to be found in each page’s aesthetics nor in the way they present information. Basically, the site was all over the place.

This is all without mentioning the fact that I had well over half of my courthouse pages void of any information whatsoever. I still have a great deal barren.

So, I decided I wold hit it head-on: go through the ranks from the bottom up and finish this sucker.

And I’ve been doing that for the better part of two months now: getting there…slowly…but…surely. Oh, it’s tedious in places. I’ve reached a part where no longer am I making and filling courthouse pages, but I’m going back through the ninety or more pages I already made many moons ago: changing aesthetic details and technical things. But every page must be checked. Every courthouse must be represented as fully as I can with the information and materials provided to me.

To date, I’ve crafted pages from Hale County (252) to San Patricio County (207), a conglomerate of courthouse pages that had, for the most part, been blank since 2015. That’s over now. They are finally full, and I’m pleased to say that. I’ve now entered a secondary stage in the project: Refugio County (206) to Austin County (128). This is a huge chunk of pages that I’d already made, but now I’m just editing. And it’s taking a while. But I’m getting there. Still…getting…there.

I look forward to working on the first half of my courthouse list soon (most of which was comprised of those original ‘redos’). As a result, there’s a huge number left blank. So, I have filling them to look forward to. But I have to finish editing those older pages first.

That’s where I am. So if you’re new here and wondering why a huge number of pages on this site are still blank…well, that’s why. I promise you I’m getting to it.

I want this site to be done right. And right takes time.


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