Getting There…Finally

A brief shoutout to everyone who comes across this page:

This website is a labor of love, but it has been willfully neglected for some time (far too long). I’ve been busy, and life is always replete with tasks to complete prior to this one at hand.

Truth been told I’ve just put this off. Prior to the efforts I started earlier this month, this website had sat dormant for well over a year with a backlog of county pages to complete (over 100) that had only accumulated mass with my final two trips last summer (2016).

I’ve been putting off the inevitable: a long, often arduous process of painstakingly making sure everything is up to standard and each county is represented as fairly and equally as I can ensure. This includes writing about my trips, which I have been putting off as well. The danger there is that the longer I wait to write, the more I will inevitably forget. However, my pictures help to spur my memory on a great deal. I’ve already written about the first day of my final trip (last August), and have the first day written of my July trip to East Texas as well (just not published yet).

I have plenty more to write to transcribe both of those trips, and a second day of my Hill Country trip (July 2015) to do as well. There’s much to do, and as part of my senior year of high school resolutions, I intend to finish this website. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll be done with this place once every county has a page. I have plenty more ideas, things I want to write and show from travels within Texas that go farther than just each county’s courthouse, and even travels from beyond Texas.

There’s much to talk about, and much to get done. I’m on my way.

Starting with Hale County (252), I’ve begun the process of moving upward through my ranks of each county, editing and adding as I go. At the time of writing this, I’ve just finished 227 (Llano County), and am finally getting around to making pages for my West Texas trip of 2015.

If you’re new to this site, I recommend you start with Hale County, and work your way backwards to enjoy the county pages the most. I’ve made many more of course than just those twenty-five or so, but my changing level of standards has prompted me to execute this final “run through” of every county, one by one, and bring them up to speed.

I’ll save Lubbock County and Hood County (253 and 254) for last.

The rest, however, are on their way.

Thanks for sticking with me here, and thanks for visiting if you’re new. I am certainly trying to get this work done.





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