Bare With Me

There’s no question that my favorite part of this project…other than visiting the courthouses themselves…is writing about my trips, in the blog posts. Of late, I’ve realized that that’s an issue. For all of you who may be frequent, or at least semi-frequent, viewers of this site, you’ll have noticed that the actual courthouse pages are “behind schedule” so to speak.

From my latest courthouse, Franklin County (#185), to Burleson County (#163), there has been no page made yet. That’s a serious backlog, one that I am running out of time to get to. School starts August 20 after all. Who knows when I’ll have time to get to these during the school year…

In addition to the twenty-three courthouses in the “Burleson-Franklin” category, I have several other pages to get to. These pertain to all the redos I’ve been able to obtain within the last year. (That  backlog goes back to August of last year!) I’m not even done with every courthouse page, period. I still have some from my West Texas trip last year that must be dealt with. These weren’t even redos.

Needless to say, I’m behind, on new pages…and on refurbishing the old ones. (The West Texas pages that are already made could use some help). I’m going to try to do my best to make as many of these “Burleson-Franklin” pages as I can before the 20th, so that I’ll be able to just focus on the redos throughout my school year.

For the time being, please, bare with me. If you’ve come across this site, please don’t judge it solely on the progress that’s been made so far. This is a vast project…and a work in progress.



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