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Today, I was thrilled to input “254 texas courthouses” into the search bar and find that this website is finally showing up on Google! Since November, when this website first came into existence, I have been interlocked into a sort of battle with the search engine, attempting in vain to get my site to show up online. Good news for me is, now, that battle is mostly over. The site is the fourth hit down and my Facebook page is the third. That’s great news!

That means, with more Internet users coming across the site, I need to “step up my game.” Forever, I’ve been making pages for each county courthouse and trying my best to get this website caught up to present day. At present, I am still far from that. I have a backlog of many courthouse pages to keep me busy, along with “refurbishing” some of my earlier pages. When I created them, I was still learning how to use WordPress software (that powers this site) and they are not as “polished” as I’d like.

I’m working on it, but it’ll take some time. So, if you’re an Internet user that has just found me, please know my website is still a work in progress. By the end of the summer, I hope to have it “up to code.”

- Carson

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