Happy Summer!

Hello to all and happy Summer 2015.

It’s been a long year since I last checked back up on the website…and boy, do I have a lot to do.

In my last post, I explained the need for severe maintenance on the site, which would include creating/repairing all the necessary courthouse pages. Sigh. There is a lot of work to be done. But it’s crucial that I see it finished this time.

I made a “New Years’ Resolution”, I guess you could say, on this site’s Facebook page. I promised that I would work hard to get this website up to “ship-shape” come Summer 2015. Well here summer has come, and I am no better off than I was in January. Don’t we all tend to break our resolutions?

I shouldn’t make excuses, but I will anyway. I’ve had a very busy school year, and my commitments  in that department have superseded this project. I’m not ashamed to say that. I finished the year strongly, and am quite proud of that. But, I’m proud of this undertaking, as well, and now that school’s out, it’s time I get back to “reality”.

A long, long road has spilled out before me. That means creating all the pages that remain to be created…and repairing those old ones that lack my current standards. I’m very passionate and proud of this project. It’s time I see that it’s treated with the respect that it deserves. So, at the time of this posting, I’ve completed one new page (Bowie County). If all goes as planned, there will be many more to come. Please stay tuned.

Now what summer means is essentially that courthouse season has begun once again. I am liberated from the shackles of school commitments, and the sun is shining, which are the two things that make it possible to travel Texas yet again.

There’s a possibility (now, I shouldn’t make commitments) that the project could finish (photograph-wise) by the end of summer. Come August, I could very truly be done. Remember, I left y’all at 200 courthouses. That means there are only 54 remaining. Summer 2013 I know, and Summer 2014 I think, had totals greater than 54. It’s entirely possible that I could hang up my camera for the last time when school starts back up for my junior year.

But we’ll see.

No matter what outcome in that department, the project won’t be done until I say it’s done. What that means, is I won’t rest and call this thing “over” until all the pages are to my liking and this website is as “ship-shape” as I set out to make it. PLEASE stick around.

Thank you all for your continued support. It means more than I can relate in words,



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