Redo Additions

After doing some thinking and reflecting on my past pictures, I’ve decided it’s finally time to bite the bullet and do something I’ve tried to put off.

I’ve got a few more redos to add to my list. Yes, my map will reflect incorrect information for some time, but I feel as if I have no other choice. The main reason I decided against originally adding most of these particular courthouses was their distance from home. However, by looking at my photo catalog, I’ve come to the conclusion that I just can’t create pages based on so few pictures. I’m going to need some more, and I know that eventually I’ll revisit these regions.

Here they are, brace yourselves:

Armstrong County – Claude

Atascosa County – Jourdanton

Cameron County – Brownsville 

Dallam County – Dalhart 

Hartley County – Channing

Jim Wells County – Alice 

Kenedy County – Sarita 

Kleberg County – Kingsville 

Live Oak County – George West 

Shackelford County – Albany 

Travis County – Austin 

Wilbarger County – Vernon 

Willacy County – Raymondville 

Keep in mind, these courthouses are additions to my redo list. This means instead of twenty-six courthouses to return to, I now have thirty-nine. Wish me luck!

*Update: all counties bolded have been revisited since this post’s original upload. 



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